Saturday mornings

While I don’t care much for having to work on the weekend, there is something nice about the shop on a Saturday morning.  It smells more like leather and less like glue.  The building is pretty well silent at this time of day.  It’s the only time I don’t have music or CBC playing in here.  I have a coffee in front of me and pile of work to get through.  It’s the one day I feel I can ease into things a bit.

We’re almost three quarters of the way through 2011 and I have to admit it’s been a pretty stellar year.  Ups and downs, as always, but all-told, pretty great.  I feel like I’ve grown this year – I look at things differently and I’m starting to figure out which gigs are the ones I get joy out of.

After a particularly brutal 2010, I decided that I would just go with the flow this year and see what happens.  I had no new shows lined up and no real new direction to head in.  I figured we would just stay the course – try to get caught up on all of our regular gigs and see what comes up.  Looking back, it was a great choice.  It’s cliché, but it really is amazing the things that come up when you’re not looking for them.

In the past 9 or so months I have had some incredible challenges and amazing opportunities.  I’ve had the chance to work on films of two of my all time favourite directors and to work with two of my absolutely favourite costume designers.  And I’ve met a lot of really great people on the way.  I feel more confident in what I do – I’ve even said no to a couple things (although, in hindsight, not quite often enough…).

It’s easy to lose track of these things during the day-to-day craziness of shoemaking, coordinating, deadlines and having to be a boss, but on a Saturday morning, coffee in hand, it’s a pretty ideal time to look back and get a bit of perspective.  Now…where is that To-Do list anyways….

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  1. by Donny

    Sounds like the best time to gather your thoughts, love your work Jeff.

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