Loosening the Reins

It’s been a busy summer as far as travel goes for yours truly.  I’m presently on my third trip in about as many months – writing this post from a hotel room in Macau that vaguely smells of decades of cigarettes and has one of the strangest architectural decisions I’ve ever witnessed (long story).  And I’m up way too early.  The jetlag has really kicked my jet-setting ass on this go.  Sleep is pretty much alluding me this week.  I love the novelty and excitement of traveling – especially for work – but sometimes the practicality is a bit of a drag.  Fear not.  I shall survive.  And in the grand scheme, I’m the first to recognize how lucky I am to be in this position – having the good fortune to travel all over because of work that I’m incredibly passionate about (though the passion may appear a bit dormant on 2 hours a night of sleep, it is still there, you just have to look a bit deeper past the bags under my eyes).  It makes my head spin when I think about it sometimes.  Thus, I shall stop complaining.

Spending so much time out of the shop has inspired a lot of changes this summer.  I’ve been passing a lot of work off to my team that I may not have done otherwise and the results have been fantastic.  And incredibly comforting.  A few weeks ago, we received an order of boots just before I was to fly off to London for a couple weeks – nothing we hadn’t done before, just a little ill-timed.  I drafted some patterns and left them on Laura’s table.  During the time I was away, the boots were made in their entirety and shipped down to Vegas.  It was the first time an order went out of the shop that I didn’t even lay eye upon.  Pretty amazing, really.  And it affords me the time to pursue more of the type of work that I want to be doing.  Win win, really.

Similar things have been taking place this week while I’ve been here in Macau. It was so incredibly busy on the lead-up to this trip that I had to leave a few rather important projects unfinished.  I don’t deal with “unfinished” well at the best of times, but I knew they would get done and done well.

The other day (damn…was that really only yesterday?), I received an email from a film designer who I’ve been working with asking about a couple projects needing done and done quickly.  I’m not sure if my crew appreciates me agreeing to the time commitment of deadlines while I’m not there to deal with them, but I sure appreciate it…  Another project that has come and gone from the shop that I have yet to see.

I decided at the beginning of this year that I was going to approach my work differently – that I was going to follow a different trajectory in pursuit of work that I find personally more fulfilling.  It hasn’t been the easiest of pursuits, but it is already proving well worth all the effort.  And little things like flying halfway across the world for a couple weeks without having to worry about things back in the shop certainly make the pursuit a little easier.

Sleepless nights are sleepless nights, but I’m glad I’m not losing sleep due to worrying about things back home.  I’m just losing sleep because my head is completely messed up.  Somehow, that’s comforting to me…

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  1. by Cathy

    If you can, go to Fernando’s on Coloane. The sea breeze (and the sangria) will help your jetlag, for sure. And if you do, make sure to order the chorizio, the prawns and the sardines. Mmmmm… Wish I could join you!

    • by jitterbugboy

      Didn’t make make it to Fernando’s, but did have a lovely meal out in the breeze…

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