Rainy Morning

It’s a grey, rainy morning here in the city and I’m doing my best to chase away the autumnal dreariness with a cup a coffee and the Stooges playing really loudly on the stereo.  Both seem to be helping.

Actually, truth be told, I’m procrastinating on a project that I was really hoping to have done in about three hours.  It’s not a particularly difficult project – in fact, it’s quite a lovely pair of boots.  It’s just one of those projects that I’m having trouble focusing on – what would you call the shoemaker’s equivalent to writer’s block, anyway?  Maybe I’m being a bit dramatic.  They’ll be done and they’ll be beautiful.  They’ll just be done later than I’d like.  And maybe the actress will even like ’em…

Focus is a funny thing, really.  Usually I border on too-focused.  So much so that if I’m interrupted (which is pretty constant when you’re running a business) I have trouble making the mental break from whatever the project is at hand.  When that focus isn’t there, it just feels odd – unnatural, somehow.  But it happens.  And you get on with it.

I guess it’s a bit of the curse of the creative person, in a way – it’s always about so much more than just the physical process of doing.  There’s an emotional connection between the creator and the creation no matter the form the creation takes on.  And yet, sometimes the connection doesn’t happen – sort of like a bad first date or something – so you make the most of the circumstances, you have fun, be friendly and give your creation a friendly little kiss at the door before parting ways.  Really hoping there’s no second date with these boots…

Anyway, the rain hasn’t stopped, but the Stooges have…and the boots for some reason aren’t making themselves.  Back to ‘er, then….


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